Chat with a specialist on-phone call in minutes.

Wight loss, blood pressure, skin problems, obesity, hair loss, hypothyroidism, vitiligo, eczema, osteoporosis & more..

Specialties include, Biochemistry, physical health, health care and fix & more..

What’s included?

Conversation with a specialist

Connect with a specialist to discuss symptoms, answer specific questions, or get a second opinion.

How it works?


Connect with a specialist via phone call. Include photos or test results to get a comprehensive answer.

How to get online health consultation?

  • 1.Click the “Book a consultation” and fill in the application form.
  • 2.We kindly ask you to pay the service after the duration is determine ( The cost of the service.).
  • 3.Once payment confirmation is received, the specialist’s assistant will send you date and time of the phone call session.